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“So you actually eat hare?”
“you bloody bet I do!”

A chat my farmer/wine maker friend and I had a few months ago. In fact when I talk about what game I eat, I often get odd looks. Even when I talk about the generally more accepted beasts like rabbit and duck. From my experience it seems that to consume hare is taboo, especially among the rural folk. Its like they have some sort of mystical respect for the beast. For me, they represent a healthy form of ‘red meat’. They’re a great deal larger in size to rabbit and the meat is also completely different in taste.

In America I believe there called a ‘Jack Rabbit’ which is also a descendant of European Hare that was introduced ‘hare’ in Australia. So if you have access to hunt them I recommend it. It’s a great eating meat, and lean too. And in Australia it’s an environmental pest, so benefits all round.

The meat goes well with the usual suspects flavor wise. In this tagine version I cooked it in beef stock, Fino Sherry and red wine. Flavor-wise was a simple garlic, chorizo, bacon and rosemary with a a bunch of stewing veg. It was delectable! A real logcabiner meal. I’m sure Joakim would have been impressed.