The house was full of sick people for the first half of the school holidays. Poor Laney just got the short stick, but fate has a funny way of keeping things in balance. We got a nice little tax return surprise in the second week of the break and decided to go with fate and set ourselves of on short high country road trip. A bit of time at Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort and a few days in a little cabin in the forest town, Tanjil Bren. Just what we all needed. It was great to go back the forests near our old farm where I lived the best days of my youth. I don’t think my words can do the trip much justice, so I’ll let the images do the hard work.


The rules for the under ground fire refuge bunker in Tanjil Bren.

Saturdays lunch. Log cabin gnocchi with mixed cured meat ragu

We took our home made Boysenberry and raspberry jam with us…..good choice for breakfast.