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It was no type of day to be outside for anything really, but Lane and I ventured out to the market in the morning, we were either very dedicated or very stupid. The cold front that hit last week is still making it’s presence felt. It’s positively Antarctic!

By afternoon I was in the kitchen pottering as I like to do on a slow Sunday. I’ve recently discovered the joys of using a vacuum seal cryovac machine so I had plans to vacuum seal a great deal of things. I had a batch of stale bread to make crumbs for, sealed! What else could I seal?

Then I had the slightly depressing task of cutting of the last pieces of our prosciutto off the bone and finally admitting that we will have to buy it for the next 9 months until our next one is ready. This 9 month lack of cured ham has me thinking that having two legs on the go is not a bad concept. So in a few months time I’ll salt another leg which should be ready mid next year. In any case, the cryo machine zipped up the last slab of meat for future use. Doesn’t it look pretty!

Before I realised it, beer o’clock had come and gone. I prudently knocked off the top my token one beer for the night, and devoured some Hare Liver Pate that I made from a few hares I shot last week. I must admit I think wild duck liver pate is stronger in flavour than hare but they both taste pretty good.

I then had the task of cutting up some Quail that my hunting guru Guy Rehfisch gave me a few weeks ago. Guy is my go to ‘guy’ when I need to get a new tool of the trade, ammo and general advice. He’s shop Rehfisch & Co, is my choice for everything hunting and fishing, it’s an institution here in Ballarat that’s been running since 1860!

I was inspired by a quail recipe I saw recently and thought I’d do an interpretation of it so I proceeded to cut out the little quail legs and wrapped them in our prosciutto. I roasted them with the rest of the bird which I made a ragu with and served it with a buttery polenta. Wow!