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Maybe it’s my Spanish heritage, maybe it’s that I’ve been fed them since I was a kid, maybe it’s just my taste-buds, but one thing is certain…..I love olives. I’ve always eaten them, even way back in the 70’s as a kid I loved the olives that came stuffed with a little bit of capsicum. They seemed like the hight of culinary experience.

For years I’ve bought olives, not knowing how relatively easy it was to pick and pickle them yourself. John a work friend of mine invited me to his olive grove last year and I went a little crazy and picked kilos of kalamata’s. They were pickled and shared with friends and family receiving favourable reviews for flavour and texture. So I recently went back to Johns and spent a day picking olives for pressing and got paid in olive oil and olives for pickling. That was over a month ago, and now I’m just bottling the last of my olives.

They’ll now sit in the larder for a few months before we can start consuming……well just me and the kids. Kim isn’t a fan. In fact when she helped me today she did it out of pure love for me. Not the olives. I guess it would be like me going to see Bridesmaids at the cinema with her, totally painful and with no personal gain. Now that’s love…….not that I’ve agreed to go…..yet.

I haven’t added anything to flavour these olives in the jar. I just want to capture and enhance the olive flavour. Savvy?