I finally got around to drying mushrooms. I picked a few boxes on the weekend with the plan that dried mushrooms would be a nice addition to the larder for the 10 months of the year that aren’t the mushroom season. They’ll be great in pasta and risotto and baked dish’s like the rabbit I baked last night. Yeah sure I took photos, and yeah I’m a total jerk for formatting the card before putting the photos on my mac. A total duuurr moment, of which I prone to have a few.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had some news that was of the rather rad persuasion, but couldn’t say anything. Well it’s official now. I’ve signed for a book deal, for a Whole Larder Love book set for a 2012 release. It’s going to be full of recipes, stories how too’s etc. So I have a great deal of work in front of me, it’s very exciting. I feel pretty blessed to have been asked and never imagined it would happen, but it has, so now I have to give my all and make it the best I possibly can. So head down, bum up…..let’s make this happen.