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I have a freezer full of trout, and every so often as a treat I pull a few out and smoke them. These few are actually not gained by one of my fishing days but I sourced them from Mark a fellow grow your own guy in Wyndham Vale. Each season he changes his fish species to suite the temperature of the season, and last year when it started getting warmer he harvested all his trout from his aqaponics set up and replaced them with warm weather species, I was the lucky guy that scored a bunch of fish for my larder.

Smoking fish is so easy I don’t know why more people don’t do it. Sure baking and frying have their place, but smoking remains my favourite way to cook fish; in particular trout, eel and salmon. I’ve been making this concoction for years, with many subtle variations. It’s a staple, that I think might end up in the book.