Okay so after my recent foray into baking cakes I’ve accepted that I have serious issues with the practice. I’m ‘bakingintolerant’. Anything with creamed butter is out of the question. Baking has many rules, I hate following rules, I’m such an insolent teenager at heart, dam grunge era. Rule’s like totally suck yeah?….especially when they have dire consequences that end up with cake on my face. So I’ll stick to my wild game and home grown vegetable mandate and I’ll deal with baking like I deal with Jersey Shore….pretend like hell that it just doesn’t exist.

Luckily for me to fill that void I have two lovely ladies to provide me with the odd baked delight. Kim, the baker of the house with her specialty muffins, cupcakes and banana cake. And my baking friend Cath who recently ran an artesian cafe in Bothwell Tasmanaia baking cakes everyday. This little Wall-nut gem was baked by Cath, I just added the cream and extra foraged wall-nuts. Now thats what I call baking, letting someone else do it.