The Graceview Project is coming along in leaps and bounds.

Joel recently sourced some untreated lumber from transport pallets and after a bit of hard yakka, the nails were removed and walls started to take shape in the veg patch. The patch is on a slight slope so these walled beds will help contain the soil on those heavy rain days. We probably should have waited until the planks were installed before we planted some veg but both Joel and I are like two excited kids on Christmas morning, eager to get it all into action! Fresh home grown vegetables, fruit and herbs. Just unbeatable, and totally worth the DIY approach.

The best moments are sharing a beer at the end of a work day, looking over the large veg patch and planning what will go in each bed come Spring time. Its a bit daunting, the size of it all. My veg patch at home is so petit compared to this monster, but the benefits are worth the effort as we won’t runout of veg as quickly as we do most seasons.

The Graceview girls are laying now after finally settling into the newly renovated residence Joel and I prepared. A source of fresh eggs, from happy chicks is like a gold mine.

I love making fresh pasta with these eggs….I love making fresh pasta in general! Especially when said pasta is used for a marinara of sorts, with fresh Tiger Prawns and Mussels from the Vic Market. Sometimes I think I could live on seafood alone. That thought doesn’t last for long, especially when there’s a shoulder of pork roasting in the oven.