If you think I’ve been going on and on about wild mushrooms for the past few months you’d be right!

If you lived next door that’s all you’d here about this time of year. Thats what eating with the seasons is all about. Seasonal eating is the norm in many parts of the world, but not so much in the westernised cultures with everything at your fingertips all year round, sourced from where ever it’s available with limited thought to the carbon foot print required to keep you accustomed to ultra connivence. But the way I like to do things (as much as possible, I’m not perfect) is to harvest what is available when it grows. Then as the season runs out I can move onto the next thing. Sure there is a heap of extra work involved, and finding the time to gather from the forest, tend to you veg garden or climb trees for fruit. But it’s good for the earth good for the soul.

I’m by no way a hermit that lives in a log cabin with no electricity or utilities, I’m just opting for the concept of double pronged ethos of eating seasonal food with minimal environmental impact to get to said food to my plate. Is that too much? Too preachy? Although I would actually like to live in a log cabin and be hermit like!

Snow was a serious option for Ballarat yesterday which no doubt brings with it curtains for the mushroom season. So best to make most of what mushrooms we have available, luckily I had some set aside. I cooked with Saffron Milk Caps and Slippery Jacks, and kept the sauce really simple. A bit of wine, butter, sage served on fresh Fettuccine I made that night. It was a fitting send off for Autumn. Now it’s time to embrace Winter for the next three months, and I’m sure you’ll tire of my winter vegetable stories but thats just the way the snow falls.

Now for all those other mushroom hunters out there……look away now.
Sorry bout the water on the lens, but as you can imagine I was a tad excited, and had no time to clean it!