It’s my second season picking olives at the Pergolis grove and this year was a biggy. The Pergolis family are an Italian Australian family that have a great little urban oasis complete with it’s own massive olive grove. They planted a bunch of different varieties over 15 years ago, some for oil, some for the table. The Pergolis family are so warm and friendly and they allow me to come help out and et paid in oil and olives. It’s very time consuming and physically very challenging labour. But it’s totally worth it to get a years supply of Extra Virgin Olive oil that I picked with love! The mixed olives provide such a unique nutty flavour, which is even unique to each season. Like last year, I also picked a bunch of olives for pickling for table olives, and the pickling process has started, which is a relief as I’m just running out of last seasons supply of olives in our larder. So excited by the event we planted 20 mixed varieties on the block for our own future harvest. Oh and I also ceremoniously planted the very first vegetables at the ‘Graceview’ patch that we’ve been working on. Very proud.

Sampling last seasons olive oil.