We’re having quite the cold spell at the moment, and what vegetable best to match the cool season? Pumpkin of course. I bought a nice home grown classic from a darling old lady at the Sunday market. I had no set plans culinary wise for said pumpkin, that is until yesterday. I’ve been a little, lets say under the weather with various ailments of late and when I woke from an afternoon nanny nap I set about making the soup.

The key to a good pumpkin soup is roasting it, not always necessary but it is my preference, especially when the weather turns sour in winter. It just add’s that hearty roasted taste that is so good for you on a cold night, don’t you think? Yes I can’t help but use a bit of curry, along with Cumin seeds, Garam Masla and Turmeric. I love frying them in the hot oil to release the dormant aromas, which eventually end up flavouring the whole meal. It was a special warm soul soothing treat, especially when garnished with some Meredith’s marinated Goats Cheese. A little heavenly a little naughty, but satisfying for the soul.