Oh the irony! I didn’t end up shooting anything, not even one round. I did however sit under a stunning 200 year old Red Gum sipping a Zucchini soup we made the night before. I dunked each slice of ciabata into the hot soup with delicacy and delight. I must have looked pretty funny, a fully grown bearded rough looking man with waders and hunting garb, oohhing and aarrhhing over a vego soup, laying down picnic style by himself. Wasn’t I supposed to be upholding the redneck image of the carnivorous beast intent on filling my lust for bloodsport? I obviously failed. It was a lovely moment, for a while I even forgot why I had gone out on the lake in the first place! I sat contemplating all that is happening in my life at the moment. There is so much going on behind the scenes right now. It feels somewhat unreal at times, my vego soup gave me comfort.

And on the topic of vegetables, I thought it nice to share a little update on the two patches of soil I have on the go right now. The house garden is really starting o take root with most of the winter veg in, and looking very healthy. We have a good mix of veg this winter with much more variety than last year. I guess I’m willing to try some new things. The garlic has popped it’s heads out from the soil, and everything else seems to be taking well; Shallots, Lettuce, Leak, Onion, Spinach, Radish, Green & Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Potato and various types of Kale. I’ve made the house veg garden bigger this year and I now have no ornimental garden out back, it’s all being used to grow food. So that’s where the second patch comes in. I have a soil Landlord.

Soil Landlord? WTF? Well actually it’s my hunting mate JB. He and Aunty Em have a bunch of acres not being utilised and offered a patch to use for growing veg. We have a whole plan for eventually raising sheep, cows, planting out a fruit orchard and even setting up a small olive grove. We already have the old chook house repaired and functionally providing a neat little home for 14 hens. Lately we’ve been working the soil over in preparation for planting. We still need a bunch of fencing to do and once the Rotary Hoe gets going again we can finish turning over the soil. I have a natural talent for breaking JB’s power tools. I recently broke the handle on his brush-cutter a few weeks ago. He’s really nice about it, but secretly I think he gets nervous every time I go near his work shed. So I work extra hard for my soil landlord, so that eventually we’ll have enough veg to feed both families and maybe one day if the veg patch is a success then we might have more diverse food for the larder like our own farmed lamb and beef…..and maybe one day…..pig’s! We need a bunch of fencing posts and wire, so if your a local let me know if you have any old bits laying around that you want to get rid of!

Heading out to the farm always get’s me giddy with excitement. Running my fingers through the soil, so much potential.