I know this blog can be repetitive at times, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I am truly unapologetic. I want people to see plenty of pictures and stories about tomatoes in summer, wild river Trout when it’s open season and wild mushrooms in Autumn and so on. When we travelled Europe we loved the Italian tradition of eating what is seasonal available as apposed to eating what ever you want when you want, just because it’s available at the those godless major supermarkets. I find it odd eating summer fruit in the middle of winter. The last few years have really been enjoyable eating seasonally, and it’s not like we’re food nazi’s it’s just a basic principle we try to live by especially when all our vegetables we grow ourselves. In any case we find it a real treat looking forward to the change in each season and the culinary delights on offer. And at the moment I’m relentless and waring people down about mushrooms. Give it a month or so the Saffron Milk Caps may be harder to find. The rarer they become the more determination I have to hunt them out. This morning I took Mum and Laney out to Creswick forest foraging, and we got a mini haul along with a great little adventure driving rough tracks that we’d never been down before. Some of the views we had atop the old pine plantations were stunning to say the least, and the wet valleys with running water in the creeks and lush green ferns were simply picture postcard. Back at the folks place I cooked up a sampler of Pine Mushrooms with butter, garlic and rosemary on crunchy toasted English Muffins. A great foragers treat. So if you can, get out there and enjoy the season while it last’s.