Every year without fail when the season change arrives, there sitting quite solemnly on the branches of my tomatoes sits sad looking green fruit. They never made it to their full potential, but I have an alternative on offer, albeit a highly modified version of the pomodoro. A spicy green tomato relish/chutney/pickle what ever you want to call it. All I know is that it marries well with meat, bread and cheese.
This past weekend the big girl and I grabbed our baskets and picked every last bit of fruit we could find, 9 kilos (20 pounds?) in total. A quick wash, then chopped up into chunks and dry salted over night with sliced onions and peppers. The recipe is simple with all the usual suspects, smoked paprika, curry powder, cayenne pepper, green chili, cider vinegar, and sugar. A nice cook up and then into the sterilized jars. Home made beef mince burgers will now be graced with a good dollop of the stuff until the supply runs out. So don’t discard those green tommies. They still have plenty to offer other than just being added to your compost heap!