To date this Autumn has been relatively dry and not particularly good for the mushrooms but Laney and I decided to go into the depths of the pine forests just out of town and hunt for Saffron Milk Caps (Red Pine Mushrooms). Pretty slim pickings I might add, most of the mushrooms looked a little old from the last sprinkle of moisture but we picked a basket none the less, and we found a great patch of Slippery Jacks too.

What I love about seasonality is the food that nature provides. In summer I wet my pants over tomatoes on toast. In Spring it’s the first few edible vegetables like sprouting broccoli, winter is about slow cooked rustic meat dish’s. Autumn has many delights, and mushrooms comfortably sit on top of my list of culinary joys. Pan fried Saffron Milk Caps with chorizo, Garlic, Rosemary, Dry Sherry and butter served with crunchy ciabatta.

The plate often gets a good clean up in the process.