Years ago, before the kids…….
We used to go hiking a bit, it was something we both really enjoyed along with other crew including my brother and a few diehard friends. But to leave the kids with someone else for three days is not really something we think is fair. Plus we’re both soppy parents. One day away is about all we can stand before we both get a case of child longing.

I recently found a Tatonka daypack in my house of clutter and my mind started working around planning a trip in my head. Only one problem. I’m terribly unfit at the moment. Maybe by planning a trip up to the high country I might get myself into training again.

One of our favorite over night hikes was along Razorback to Mt Feathertop (most of these images are from our hikes there). We’ve done it a few times and it’s different each time we do it. The Rangers expect you to have all your own camping gear although there are a few huts for when the weather turns, and up there it can turn nasty very quickly. One time I remember we huddled around the fire place in one of the shelter cabins, which had a rock fire place and a loft, I could have moved in permanently. Unfortunately the massive bush fires from 2006 burned Federation hut to the ground and the rebuilt one has yet to develop her own personality. Just west of Mt Feathertop of the main track lies my favorite hut of all time, The University of Melbourne Hiking Club hut mate in a metal igloo format, with all the materials being hiked in by students in the 1960’s. Here too could be my permanent residence!

So I’m going to pull out my gear, take inventory and start walking again. Maybe I’ll be fit by Spring, or maybe I might sneak in a snow hike in August. Any takers for Feathertop?