What happened to those two lovely smoked Australian Salmons I hear you enquire. Well they went into a hearty soul warming pasta bake.
It’s a dish that ticks all my boxes, simple to make, own caught fresh ingredients, and not requiring much brain cells meaning I can make it up as I go along.

Firstly smoke your fish whole, allow to cool (easier to handle). (You could use Trout or true salmon)
When cool process the fish (just remove all the meat from the skin and make sure no bone sneak in)
Replace fluids with a nice glass of sauvignon blanc
Cook 500gm orecchiette el dente
Grate one cup of each, parmigiano, mozzarella, tasty cheddar (set aside)
At this point more fluids ie sauvignon blanc are required for cook
Boil two bunches of asparagus still crisp not over cooked and limp. Drain
Go out to the garden and chop a bunch of parsley and dill.

In the saucepan that you cooked the orecchiette, mix the cooked pasta, cheeses, asparagus, herbs and add on tub 200mm Philadelphia cooking cheese.
Mix well and season with salt and pepper.
Spread mix in a non stick and oiled baking tray, grate more parmigiano on top and cook for 20mins at 200C.

Serve and garnish with more dill, olive oil and parmigiano.

Devour with glee.