The past week has been a welcome change from the normal routine. Sevens days in the camper trailer at Apollo Bay was a good change for us. Plenty of fishing was done, even with one special day spent out in rough swell on the charter boat ‘Moonlight’ for some off shore angling (4kms off shore). I caught a good range of species, Rock Cod, Dog Shark, Flathead and Australian Salmon. What a mixed week it was, both good and bad. There was time enough for plenty of beach combing and shell searching, eating dodgy fish and chips on the beach, enduring sub-standard pubs meals, surviving endless rain, endured a cold and an old man cough, stayed calm about our brand new camping fridge that didn’t work, tested out the new suspension on the Jeep (and loved it), cooked simple camp meals, (notable mention; jacket potatoes cooked in the coals, pan fried fish and beef burgers by the camp fire). Some times I could have packed up and gone home when the rain seemed endless, but then the good moments ensured that we stayed. The sun did eventually come out albeit reluctantly, and now we’re blessed with a new set of family memories.

And the oddest thing from the whole trip. The fish & chip shops in Apollo Bay (that make an absolute killing with the tourists) buy all their fish from a Melbourne supplier that gets his fish from the citu fish market. When only 500m away is a fleet of fishing boats (that ironically supply the Melbourne fish markets). Didn’t make any sense to me. Fresh fish taste so much better, but apart from that the stupidity of it all…consider this. The fish are caught in Apollo Bay, then sent to Melbourne markets (400kms away) then bought buy a wholesaler and then sold back to the fish and chip shops in Apollo Bay. I know the Great Ocean Road is one of the most picturesque coastal drives in Australia but seriously that not a good enough excuse for more road miles. Just sell the fish locally and support local economy. That makes more sense….doesn’t it?