The good news:

Iv’e been fishing trout since 1987 when my family moved to our farm at Jindervick. We had a small holding of about 50 acres with river frontage. The Tarago River was full of trout, black fish, eels and fresh water crayfish. I’d set my lines with a worm on a hook and it was one of the most enjoyable things to do after school or on weekends. When I caught a trout or a black fish I was the happiest boy ever. A decade later a friend Matt Birch introduced me to spinners and lure fishing. We fished all the rivers of the east of Victoria, our favourite haunt was the Acron River. We caught plenty of trout.

Six months ago I decided to try something that had been on my ‘life list’ of things to do since I saw the ABC series ‘A River Somewhere’ in the 1990’s. Fly Fishing. Something I long thought was an unachievable adventure.
I bought a rod combo and watched a few instructional videos online, one afternoon with a guide and then I was on my own. It’s been a six month journey the came to an amazing climax on Friday.

Yes I have broken my fly fishing cherry. And it was using a fly tied by my friend Ben from Arizona Wanderings. One of his grasshopper pattern’s did the trick. It was one of those moments that will stay with me for ever. It was the last cast of the day, I was about to call it quits after four hours wading up the Leigh River. I saw a rise about 5 metres upstream, I presented the fly after a few casts and then strike! I couldn’t believe it! I brought the trout in, it was a decent size, good enough for the pan. I had caught my first trout using a fly line! Goosebumps a plenty! The thing that mazed me most was that I caught it on a fly tied by a guy I’ve never met other than online, that lives on the other side of the world and that was kind enough to send me a selection of flies,
That fly will now be framed and will always remind me of my first trout on a fly line. Thanks Ben.

The Bad News:

While landing the trout I sank in the mud of the river, my waders filled with water and the iPhone in my pocket, drowned a terrible death. My iPhone had EVERYTHING on it. As a freelancer I relied on it as a tool of the trade. It fried in my hands. An expensive trout, which tarnished the milestone which was catching a trout on a fly line for the first time. Totally worth it.