I know I rabbit on about tomatoes this and tomatoes that but aren’t they just the most enjoyable thing to grow over summer? So many uses, varieties and flavour variations.
Last night for instance I roasted a batch of cheery tommies and served them on some pasta with salami and passata. It was such a hearty meal, peasant food really and very basic, but the taste was mind blowing. The sweetness and roasted flavour of the tomatoes exploded in my mouth with every bite! The fresh tomato cut the gluggy feel of the hot salami, so good was the dish that it failed to be photographed because it was just so divine and demanded to be devoured immediately. Cherry tomatoes are one of my favourite to grow, with so many variations. They’re normally the first to ripen at the beginning of their season, and they grow like crazy, even in pots on an apartment block patio. And they make a tasty sneaky treat when out in the garden!

While the oven was hot I cooked a batch of tommies to make a roasted passata. This is the method I used years ago when I started making passata and fell in love with it’s practicality, flavour and usefulness.
A few containers for three meals worth was made. Unlike the Passata day we had recently, this version is much thicker and doesn’t require as much reducing.
The flavour is different too, with it’s roasted complexities mingled with the sweetness of the fruit. Now that sure sounds like a bit of toff!

This is my most treasured sight for the growing season. A basket laden with tomatoes straight from my backyard and bound for the kitchen.

Pull the tommies out of the oven and let them cool, just enough so that you can work with them. Push them through some sort of a sieve and that’s it. Passata.