I’ve been making big batches of pesto from the basil of summer. It’s one of the crops thats thrived in my garden this season, and I’ve been mad making pesto and freezing it. At least this winter we can make dish’s with fresh basil pesto without having to buy it from the supermarket. We eat a lot of pesto. Victory!

For lunch I made a simple risotto then added one of the bags of pesto I made last week and stirred at the resting stage. All at once the plain white risotto turns green, fresh and alive. I cooked some green prawns in a white wine and garlic base and used as a garnish. And the celery I picked at my daughters school vegetable garden provided the crunch in every mouthful. We didn’t have any Parmigiano to go on top but we did have a stunning Pecorino, a worthy cheese on it’s own. Every spoonful raised a few oohh’s and aarrhhs from Kim and I. Pathetic I know to get so excited about food. But let me tell you, it sure bet toasted cheese sandwiches!