I wasn’t sure who had dropped off the apples at our place, it’s been a busy few weeks and both the adult brains in the house are a bit ratty to say the least. It’s a lovely gesture indeed, to pass on excess produce to those who will be able to make use of the resource. I looked at the basket on the table, green apples. I’m not a big fan. I mean maybe in a pie, atop a cake but as is I find them rather boring. That just my personal taste, I prefer red ones. But Green apples could surely make a chutney. The usual suspects came to mind, Onion, Paprika, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Mustard seeds, Chili, Cayenne, Turmeric. I searched online and found some other possible members of the gang, Ginger and Raisins. I didn’t have Raisins but I had dried dates, it’s basically an ingredient to give that sweet kick. Dates it was. I pealed, I chopped and I cleaned the cores. Then came the water works, for every kilo of fruit I add a half kilo of onions. Thus come the water works, I had a little over a kilo of onions to chop. Ace.

The last of this seasons crop and I must admit I’ve really enjoyed the pure white of this years onion variety. Admittedly they’re probably better as salad onions but I’ve used for them for everything, roasting, pickling, chutney. The size of the onions hasn’t always been inspiring but the crisp stunning white always makes me happy. When they’ve been pulled out of the soil all dirty and dusty, they get a quick cut and clean and then they reveal their true inner beauty of pure white.

Green Apple Chutney isn’t something I’ve made before so what better than to experiment a little. As I added all the ingredients to the big pot I thought of adding one final element. Cumin seeds. A little crush in the mortar and pestle and in they went. I always cook my chutneys at night, leave in the pot to cool over night then test them with something savory in the morning. This gives me the chance to make any changes or improvements.
This morning I had a toasted sandwich with off the bone ham, Philadelphia cheese and a spoonful of green apple chutney. Tastes alright to me. Into sanitized jars it goes.

PS. Finally found out who dropped off the apples. Thanks Mum xoxoxo