The first long weekend for the year has now been and gone. It started Friday night with the jeep and the camper packed and ready. We were so excited we all sat in the car for almost an hour waiting for our friends Joel and Emma to arrive towing their cute as caravan.
A decent size three hour trip ahead of us didn’t seem to bother anyone much, we were on break. No work, just our own agenda. Fishing was on the list, so was sitting around the camp telling tall tales, picking on Tony and generally getting up to no good.
We meet up with the Hanson’s from the week before and we had a good nudge at fishing for Bream. We caught plenty, all undersize but it was fun fighting the little gems. We met a nice old fella camping next to us that walked everywhere with his whacking stick after being attacked by a kangaroo a few years ago…seriously. On the road home we went via Port Fairy to see some massive crabs, a pirate ship made by hand from reclaimed timber and a strawberry farm that gave us something to eat on the road trip home.

These little get aways that make you appreciate the time you have. It’s also a great oppurtunity to cook up some ‘interesting’ camp food like camping Bolognese one night and Masala Rabbit the next. I feed plenty of hungry people, no food poisoning or major complaints. Success?

The weekend away also provided the rare opportunity to photograph my wild man beard with added silver bling. Off to the hills I go!

Poor old Patch…

It seems every time we get together with these guys we light up some dodgy sparklers!