I wasn’t sure if this would work, but no harm in trying right? I’m not very good at following rules, as you can see from the almost oxymoron-esk title of this post (which I’m sure will have a few people scratching their heads). Mixing rabbit with a traditional Indian dish is something that took a little bit of genius/stupidity but some how the marriage worked. Poached rabbit is a real eye opener for me. This rabbit I shot last week, I sat it in salted water overnight. Then in a pot of cold water, brought it to boiling temperature and boiled it for 2.5 hours. When I laid it down to cool, the meat literally feel off the bone. I took a bite to taste and was blown away with excitement! My next evil step was to ask my two kids to try this ‘chicken’. Down it went, “Yum Dad” I believe was the general response. Then I told them it was rabbit, they weren’t fussed. Success! Here is a free form of meat, that is an introduced pest species in Australia and my kids can eat it! Success!

Now for chicken dishes like a Vindaloo, I can substitute badly farmed chicken meat with healthy rabbits that have lived free of human interference (well free of human interference up until ‘that’ moment).