Around midnight last night I was still chopping up zucchini, onions, green peppers and chilli. Why? There is no decent explanation other than I was home alone and got a little bit carried away. I probably should have been watching episode after episode of Mad Men, Scrubs or True blood so that I can carry a ‘decent conversation’ in social circles ;-)

However being the food nerd that I am I found myself being truly rock and roll in the kitchen, crying over cut onions! If Joey Ramone could see me now! Sure I WAS sad to pull them out of the ground, knowing that their harvest season was nearing it’s end, but thats no excuse for a grown man to ball. Surely. Maybe?

Today when my beuatiful gal come home from her big city visit, she came with the gift of a Turkish Pide. In went roast chicken, Avocado, Cheese and the midnight special chutney. Which I (in my delirious late night state) named ‘Zucco Chutzo’