So I realised as tears slid down my cheek from cutting my onions that all my vegetables have refused to be like humans. Why have they not all followed what is the most hippest of fashions and all look the same? Then I come to this amazing realisation that nature is real and trends are not. Wow what enlightenment!

Have my onions taken me to a higher level of exponential learning tonight? Should our differences be celebrated?

I read today in horror, a statistic from the local ‘news’ paper that almost 50% of my fellow country folk are anti Muslim. How then can my onions all look different but they all taste the same? We all breathe the same air, we all face the same fate? My Oh my aren’t we a fucking intelligent race!

Even just when I’m making a Zucchini Relish I get overwhelmed by how stupid we are. All at once I realise we are the smartest species on the planet at the same time as being the dumbest. Sure I’m far from being hip, cool or otherwise. But I do know the reality of natures circle. What ever God you think will bless you…tonight may they bless you.