Gram Parsons played loud on the drive up north, through the rich volcanic hill country north of Ballarat. It was one of those moments I convince myself that there is nothing more appropriate for the moment like the ‘Big Mouth Blues’ or ‘Cash on the Barrelhead’ cooking on the stereo on the way out through the country. I get transported to another time, a different world. One which I am actually living but feel so distant, like it’s better than reality.

It had been a warm day. I was excited for my garden, this is the weather I’ve been waiting for to ripen everything. Tomatoes especially.
I’d cleaned the gun and the Jeep had just enough gas to get me out there and back. I took the long way but the more scenic way, I wasn’t really in any sort of desperate rush. This was my time now. My time to add to the larder with some rabbit meat while clearing my head and immerse myself in the reality of nature, a distant world from the sanitised and fake office environment that I had occupied a day long. Nothing like working up a sweat hiking up and down paddocks, getting prickles and mosquito bites on your arms and neck to bring you back to reality. It’s a bit annoying but it’s real.
Every castle will eventually crumble (my office included), but what will remain is the unending perfect system of nature and her perpetual circle of life and death. Nothing living can escape it. Getting out after work and getting amongst it was exactly what I needed. After the New Zealand news today this reality is even more evident.

The creek had finally settled after the big wet and was easy to walk across. Wild mint now grows between the rocks on the bank of the creek and ripe blackberries made for a nice dusk feed.
One massive foot print in a cow paddy had me stumped. It was big, really big. I was comforted that I had the gun with me!
I bagged a few rabbits, which already have a recipe planned for them. More details to come.

The way home was spectacular. It’s almost the end of summer here. Nights like this won’t last for long. I’m glad I didn’t stay home watching the idiot box.