This is a really simple stuffing for oven baked Trout.
I used some home grown onions, garlic, chilli, spring onions and the flagship flavour of Dill. Mixed in a bowl with a tablespoon of raw suger a quick glug of Red Wine Vinigar and stir.
Stuff your fresh local caught trout, drizzle with olive oil. Wrap it in baking paper and tie tight with string so no juice will escape. You’ve effectively made a steamer.
10-15 mins on 180-200 C. (Depends on size of fish)

Serve with whatever! We had left over Tabbouleh (yes I know you’re sick of hearing about Tabbouleh). But be sure to take some of the stuffing out and serve it atop your fish then drizzle those juices at the bottom of the paper wrap all over your fish.
Cleaning is easy as all that is left is a spine, a head and the odd fin. And one happy customer. Me!

Don’t waste those flavoursome juices!