When I go on a hunt I usually just take a side bag with a few bits like a knife, phone, water and extra shells etc. But I’ve been planning on some longer hikes/hunts since being inspired by some fellow hunters like Logcabineer and Arizona Wonderings. I found this little hand made beauty  at the Bentleigh Market on the weekend and a total score at $20! It’s stamped ‘Made in Olso, Norway’ and it’s been around the traps a bit but it fits in with my ethos of buying secondhand (where possible) and buying something made with true craftsmanship and of good materials. According to the bloke I bought it off, this old canvas and leather bag is pre WWII! It’s in warn and torn condition, but I’m not bothered by the marks and stains. However the metal harness frame needs a sandblast and killrust paint job.

I totally love treasure finds like this at trash markets. Now planning a day hike and hunt. Maybe the first weekend of duck season?