It was a relatively dull day in the office. Rather uninspiring. The only thing to do was to suck it up and plan for what lay ahead as soon as that preverbal bell rang loud in my head.
Joel my hunting partner and I headed due west in the Jeep, out to Lake Burrumbeet that only last year was bone dry, and now is at full capacity, after a summer of flooding rain.
We stalked, we crawled, we fell in sandy burrows, got devoured by giant mosquitoes and dodged multi metre sized spider webs reminiscent of Indiana Jones territory, all to no avail.
Maybe it was the change in the weather, maybe the heat, maybe because I’ve hunted that spot too many times this summer.
At one moment when we were both lying down on a raised mound waiting for the white tail to arise, we both agreed, it was a good night to be out even if we didn’t get a rabbit.