So I was going to go out for a shoot after last nights dismal effort. But I decided a night at home with the fam was in order.
Out in the garden I dug. Carrots, onions, potato, rosemary and oregano. I cut up some garlic I picked last month and covered the chicken with our Jamon, stuffed it with chorizo and baked it.
Baked in Sherry and a drop of water and dinner was done. When we ate it/devoured it Kim noted that every single vegetable came from our dirt. We grow it from seed, we nurtured it and we ate it.
Exactly what my mum taught me all those years ago on the farm. Cheers to you Mum. And kids……listen to your elders.
And for anyone that thinks growing your own veggies is hard work…..these potatoes I didn’t even plant, they just arrived from last season plantings. How easy is that I ask you to ponder.