Fettuccine with Pesto and Prawns

Our basil in the back yard is now a little forest of flavour. With enough of a glut for me to get back into making pesto on a regular basis. Don’t you totally love this time of the season when you can really enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Ever since we started eating our home cured Jamon we enjoy using little bits of it every now and then, like frying it as a garnish on todays lunch. We tend to fight over it when serving it up. What people will do for food!

Simple pesto ingredients. The parmigiano reggiano is a real treat if you can afford the $30 per block. I don’t think I could ever go back to supermarket pre-shaved parmesan cheese.
My pesto recipe is simple, all these ingredients plus a glug of olive oil…..all go in the food processor. Nuts first (then remove and place aside) then basil, when it’s fine I add the cheese, nuts and finally after a good zap I slowly add the olive oil. It can keep for about a week in the fridge. Great as a pasta sauce or my favourite as a garnish on home grown tomatoes on crusty toast.