Nothing beats a trip to the Victoria Market in Melbourne other than shopping for food at some market in the middle of Tuscany or on the regional coast of Galicia in Spain. The food at the ‘Vic’ Market is fresh and of high quality. And they make fresh hot Boraks, which are a North African/Moroccan fast food. The mix of local and imported food is a bit of a mind field for anyone that loves the adventure of food. We definitely don’t have anything that comes close to this range in the country town we live in where most people still eat meat and three. So when we’re in Melbourne for any occasion we try to duck down to the market and pick up some supplies. This trip we got some Jamon (Spanish cured Ham), Parmigiano Reggiano and hot Chorizo (Spanish Sausage). The following day Kim cooked her Paella with Prawns, Blue Grenadier and that hot Chorizo and topped with some crispy fried home made Jamon.

Good food thats easy to make but tastes amazing and warms the heart.