My Sage rod is broken. I have no spare. I’m a wealthy man for that there is no doubt, I’m wealthy in life but alas not money. I just can’t afford to have two Sage fly rods, maybe a cheaper back up rod but not a Sage. I’m in the process of sending it back to America for a replacement tip but it means the last month of February which I had dreams of fishing the Leigh River is now a complete mess. I look in ore of my American counterparts with ice on their faces, snow falling all around them as they brave the elements all for the dream of landing a fish, no matter what it takes. For me it’s summer, and although it hasn’t been a regular summer it is still peak time for dun hatches and here I am, rod-less.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from fishing and hunting is that you need to learn to accept these occasions, know when to fold. For this I had to learn humility and patience.