A few weeks ago some friends came down from Sydney for a weekend. I’ve just got around to looking at the photos, which intern reminded me of the food we ate. It was three days of foodie heaven, visiting vineyards, relaxing, reading, discussing the prostitution amongst apes and generally we just acted silly.

The food was as unpredictable and erratic as a President Bush speech. I made a Catalan style rabbit stew, we cooked up fresh yabbies (freshwater crays) from a mates dam, smoked trout and Dill Arancini, a grilled halloumi and tabbouleh salad, Thai BBQ Prawns, honey roasted Rhubarb, Peasant style baked beans and Chorizo, a stunning local tasting plate and I even attempted to replicate this amazing honey Chorizo tapas we shared in NYC last year which kinda worked, well everyone seemed to like it! I have to admit it’s great to hang out with people that really know and appreciate their food. You tend not to get odd looks when you bring the plate to the table. There is a joy in sitting around drinking vino and all participating in the preparation of a meal. It’s a social thing.

During the visit I picked my first tommie for the season. It got special treatment.