Pack up the Jeep straight after work. Notice ever growing community of cobwebs on exterior. Ignore.
Pick up Joel ‘The Spaniard’. Quietly admire another man beard. Remind oneself that chicks dig man beards.
Admire Joels new hunting blade. Note to self, avoid bar fights with this man from now on.
Drive up to the block ignoring the Road Closed signs. Excuse to officials formulated, in the words of Jake Blues “We’re on a mission from God”
Admire the courage of harry the hare charging two men with loaded firearms. Once dispatched thoughts of a stunning dish come to mind.
Miss countless clean shots. Operators error no doubt. Consider taking up sewing as alternative hobby.
Take a well deserved break upon a hill, lounging in long grass. Two grown men discussing the beauty of the immediate landscape.
Finish up driving home in amazing moonlight, a quick stop off at the local for a yellow whip or two.
Receive ‘Golden Shower’ from Coco the Pup. Remind myself that it could have been poo.

What was on TV last night? I have no idea.