We’re on the back end of a great wet winter, emerging from over a decade of drought in Victoria. Water seems to be everywhere. The wetlands are providing excellent habitat and the breeding season has been amazing, in fact many breeding pairs have taken advantage of the conditions and had a second round of ducklings. With this in mind the Department of Sustainability and Environment has finally released the duck season dates and it’s good news, 19th March – 13th June.

Many of the redneck shooters have been filtered out with the drought (many still remain) which means better ethical hunting practices all round. Actually thats been a great result from the anti duck shooting movement, it’s reduced the numbers of armed idiots.
I’m hoping not to bump into any protesters and hunt in peace and then create some amazing wild duck dishes. Last season our favourite was a roast duck risotto. A really simple dish but great gamey flavours.

As I write this more rain is falling, it’s the wettest summer we’ve had since we moved here from Melbourne 8 years ago. Come March the wetlands will be teaming with yet more waterfowl.

NB: Pics not mine, but don’t they make your mouth water?