This time of year I get excited with the possibility of a fresh start. It’s not like I want the previous year to be completely done and dusted, it’s just that I really dig change and the opportunity to right some of the previous years wrongs. New Years Eve is usually spent putting together a list of things to do, achieve and experience. I’m constantly re-inventing myself like Bob Dylan, I don’t like to remain too consistent (in that metaphor I am in no way insinuating that I am as cool as Dylan or as talented, but I do have crazy curly hair like Dylan. Thats where any actual resemblance ends)

2011 will be a time to slow down.
More time off to enjoy life, family and adventure.
Less spending, more saving.
Less chaos more order.
More laughs and smiles.
Finally quit that dirty habit.
At least three hiking trips.

And of course there will be plenty of hunting, fishing and harvesting………all in the name of good food!

Have a safe break.