What a weekend! I had the fly fishing tutorial on the Goulburn River and just got blown away with how much it’s improved my knowledge and skill (or lack there of). By the end of the day I was casting a fly with reasonable accuracy and just loving every minute of it. Didn’t catch a fish, which probably frustrated my extremely patient guide, but I didn’t care. Now I feel armed and ready to hit the rivers!

For those in Australia you’d quickly recall the Black Saturday fires a few years ago. This was the first time I had driven over The Black Spur and it was a bit of a shock. If your familiar with how to read the bush post fire you’d quickly see that it was a very very hot fire. Very sad to see huge Mountain Ash raising from the valleys like used skewers. It will take a good few decades to recover, and thats just the bush. It will take a lifetime to recover the loss of 173 lives.

On a brighter note I stayed a few nights at my big sisters and brother in laws place at the halfway mark from home to the training centre. Had a ball with those guys. And as a bonus I think I might have picked up another hunting parter, small game beware. Even more joy to follow….I harvested a bunch out of the patch, kilos of beautiful onions, garlic and some spuds. Roast veggies and Lamb shoulder today. Oh and we have some new members to the family. 4 Isa Brown chooks situated at our friends place in a co-op Thunderdome circa Mad Max 3.

Typical Goulburn vista