I’m a hack when it comes to fly fishing. So far I’m a self taught and struggling at that. I can actually cast but I probably look rather odd at it and I’m probably breaking all the rules re: technique. My knowledge with what flies to use when and where is very limited. Realising it’s time to bite the bullet and ask for help in the form of some tuition I contacted these guys.

Asking for help doesn’t come easy for most of us, myself being the worst afflicted with this personality ‘charm’. However I’m determined that my ego will be left in the back of the truck and my mind shall be open. I desperately want to know the secrets, the stuff that takes years of hit and miss and trial and error, which over the last few months has been an ongoing source of frustration, hence my preference for shooting things. Moving from using spinner lures or bait to Fly fishing has been on my to-do list for over a decade, and this weekend hopefully the techniques I will learn might make that changeover a little more fruitful, more so than just taking photos of the beasts.