We were very chuffed yesterday when we visited a fellow backyard harvesters/blogger (Harvest 365). The backyard set up is not only amazing but pretty inspirational. In the middle of an urban suburb of Melbourne is the most stunning set up a sustainable aqua-ponics veggie garden (and some very friendly chooks). The fish feed the plants and they grow in trays raised off the ground away from the snails! The water pump is powered by a solar panel minimising the carbon footprint. For such a small area it produces a great deal of food for a family of four. If only more people had this set up! And as a little treat they let us fish out some Trout out of the big tank as they need to make way for the summer fish species of Silver Perch. We didn’t complain.
Both families had their respective fish smokers working overtime last night! Now we just need to get a cyrovac machine to seal up the beautiful smoked trout! And I must admit it was a rare experience cleaning a dozen trout all at once, one I could surely get used to. If only I had that much luck fishing!

Go check out Marks blog, and get inspired!

Mark showing us his set up.