Game hunting is very regulated in our state, which for the ethical hunter it’s viewed as a good thing. Monitoring and managing game species is vital for future seasons of good hunting, so why on earth would you be against it. The only thing I still don’t understand in Australia is the managed Deer season. Deer are totally introduced, and in my eyes are a pest. But it’s obvious that certain hunting lobby groups have secured a season of hunting to maintain a managed population. As far as I’m concerned, here in Australia they’re fair game, like a wild goat or pig. Overseas where the animal is native it’s a different story. Today however, I’m not excited about Deer. Today was about Ducks. To apply for a Game license for Duck season in Victoria you first have to pass the Waterfowl Identification Test, which isn’t an easy test (which is a good thing, reducing the number of ‘rednecks’ come duck season). You’re shown 5 seconds of footage of ducks on the wing, then 20 seconds is given to identify the bird. This included not only the 8 game species but also all the protected species. Lucky for me you only have to ever do the test once and today I passed! Finally after a few months of research and watching the most brain draining waterfowl documentary made in the late 1970’s, I’ve passed and never have to take the test again. Well that is until legislation changes.

I’ll admit that I’ve never hunted wild duck before, so I’m a complete novice, but I have been given duck by hunting friends in the past and it makes an amazing dish. So if we actually get a Duck season come March then I’ll be ready to apply and ad more diversity to our ever increasing palate of wild game. Last year we got a duck and I roasted it then literally chopped up the meat and in it went to a simple white risotto dish resulting in an amazing dish with simple ingredients but very uniquely divine flavor! But lets remember hunting is only for rednecks.