At the end of the work day I had to drop off a repaired Ride-on mower to Windermere for a mate so I grabbed the CZ before I left town and killed two birds with one stone. Actually two rabbits, two bullets. The drive out was wet, and lately for us locals thats no surprise. This Spring only three weekends has there been no record of rain, but no one really seems to be complaining since we’ve been in drought for the last ten years. There has been so much rain this season that one of the tracks I drove had grass and reeds lapping the bonnet of the pickup, not dissimilar to driving over a field of corn. Everything in the natural world lately seems to be as green as a St Patricks day parade. The animal world too is alive and well, running amok with all sorts of insects, out in force keeping you on guard at all times, whack here whack there. And of course what would the Australian Summer be if not for hordes of blow flies (blowies) to keep you company or just to take that uninvited rest on your back with a thousand of their mates. Apart from the extra bites from the crawlers and flybys, it’s all worth it just to see water in the local lakes after years of drought. Some of the Lakes have been re-stocked and will be ready for good fishing next season. In the meantime there are plenty of rabbits on the go.