My very generous brother gave me these hiking boots a few years ago, I believe they are a bit on the pricy side but unfortunately for him they didn’t really work well with his feet shape (not that he has odd feet) so he passed them down to me. I didn’t complain. Since then all they’ve done is move house and go in the shed for storage. With two young girls under 5, a house renovation and working three jobs there hasn’t been much time for a decent hike. But after quitting working for the magazine I have a few hours available soon that I might be able to throw the pack on the back and do some day hikes. These old boys were sitting in the shed for a while and where home to a nasty looking fat black spider. After a bit of bees wax polish and de-spidering they look alright. I had to re-glue the rubber lips as they had come apart from the leather. But these Italian made beauties will surely do a good job on my first ‘born again hiker’ trip. Just got to get the time now and find the location. And the hiking wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of my big bro!