A few little purchase’s lately. I’m preparing for a decent getaway but even just an overnighter would do me right now. I know I have a heap of knives already but you can never have enough. Especially for that moment when your looking everywhere for a knife to clean a fish or display your juggling skills. I never really wanted an ammo belt, I’ve always felt it’s a bit extreame, but after the last few hunting trips I’m sick of the rattle a few hundred rounds of .22 mag make’s in my game bag.

Last week I went out with Jack (the optimistic hunter) and we sighted up my new Weaver Scope with a target and it’s made a huge difference with accuracy for me. We played with the dioptric adjustment and wow the scope is now super amazing! With the scope working spot on and my CZ 455 absolutely flawless….I couldn’t be happier. So for those folk with a rabbit problem….give me a buzz.

The CZ 455 (.22 Magnum)

The Gerber Gator. Apparently Mr Bear Grylls used this in Man Vs Wild.

I had to get these just to see if they actually work!

The pick up needs some attention (like washing the grasshoppers off the windscreen) and he’s sitting out front begging for a road trip.