Finally I feel like I can legitimately say tonights dinner has come from the backyard. Although the eggs came from a friend as our Chicken Dome house won’t be officially launched till next week. I can’t give any further details away on that topic or I might have to hunt you all down and equalise you!
But the Kale, Spinach, Herbs and Broad Beans all came from my obsessive nurturing of dirt, water and organic material resulting in something quite edible. I learnt this really simple bean sald recipe last summer, I have no idea where, most likely source would be Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. I still have a minor obsession with his achievements, not to mention Barbour jackets, but thats a whole nudder story.

The bean salad is simple. Blanch a handful of fresh beans, strain. Mix with quality Parmesan, fresh French Tarragon, cracked pepper, lemon rind and juice and finally drizzle that beautiful olive oil.
As for the recipe for the Kale and spinach egg slice ask Kim.

It couldn’t be any simpler…ingredient wise that is.

All done in-spite of the efforts of these bastards. Which I’m thinking of collecting and leaving in saw dust for a few days then….pan fried with a garlic butter sauce……..?