I had Sunday afternoon booked in for a spot of rod waving at Lake Fyans, a few kilometres east of the Grampians. I took the Kombi due to the un-predictable weather of late, in the end the weather was light and the swag and the pick-up would have done fine. I built a great fire and the hardwood burned for hours keeping me snug as. A few hours of afternnon fishing and then first thing in the morning I’d be straight out again. Now Lake Fyans has plenty of Trout lurking in the clear fresh water, that is a known fact. It’s just that none of them were interested in my gear and more realistically they weren’t interested in my fly fishing techniques. Non-the less it was pretty special spending time walking in chest high water, frogs croaking, minnows darting around and blue Dragonflies buzzing around like patrols of Blackhawks.
Late in the afternoon the trout jumped around me, sometimes only metres away. Some clean jumped right out of the water! Which had me promptly heading that direction with my Nymph pattern flying overhead. My castings getting better. It’s almost 50-50. Half terrible casts making knots in the line and tangled on the rod and the other half of the casts spot on target and as Graceful as Miss Kelly. To the west the Grampians rose like a razor reaching up to the heavens, with the sharp east facing side of Mt William covered in soft white cloud. The scenery here sure makes up for the lack of fish caught. At least thats what I keep telling myself.

Gear packing

I’m loving this Timex camping watch

Campfire lazy days. Will cure any troubled soul.

This guy hung around and kept my dog pretty entertained. He was a bit grumpy, I would be too if a dog kept sniffing my bits. Eventually he got bored, Peg moved back to the fire and he snuck off under a rock somewhere.

The flies where pretty bad, but the view made up for it.