I cooked a simple slow cooked Rabbit Ragu for a few friends this week, then spent the next day with the girls at the annual show. The soundtrack to the show hasn’t changed since the 1970’s. Somethings never seem to change.
We’ve never been to the Ballarat show, but we loved it. They had so many different things to see and do. From old Scout displays, miniature steam and death defying moto X stunts. Oh and lets not forget the most phallic of all the fast food options…..the Dagwood Dog.

Rabbit ragu start and finish.

Laney and her best mate Sarz

These things used to freak me out as a kid.

Oh yeah!

See what I mean about the Dagwood Dog.

I’ve got to admit I kinda like all the old steam stuff. I mean I like it for the kids sake.

Potentially Yum!

I loved all this Scout stuff. Brought back memories of sewing on badges, camping and playing with ropes and pocket knives. Good times.

Dad would have loved to have seen this display. All for the kids of course.

Lots of people, deafening noise and bright lights. No show would be right without them.