For those unaware…..Rabbits are an introduced species in Australia, and are officially declared as a pest and open to be hunted all year round. During hard times like the Great Depression and WW2, rabbit meat found itself on the plates of many hungary Australians. These days however with the majority of people prefer mass produced meats (no thought given to the environmental consequences of its production). So many times I mention eating wild rabbit I get an odd look and told that hunting is for rednecks and primitive types. One person recently commented….”it’s the 21st Century….we have supermarkets now.” I wonder if they’ve ever thought of that our current set up is actually a contributing factor to our environmental woes. The amount of energy needed for mass food production and the degradation of Australia’s sensistive soils and biodiversity is mind blowing. More people should grow their own and get locally raised meat.

I’m so glad we made the descision to leave the city of Melbourne and move country side all those years ago, so that now I can take my .22 out after working in the office all day, hunt rabbits and do my bit for cleansing the country of this introduced pest, whilst making a divine Wild Rabbit Ragu served on fresh fettuccine (hopefully home made if I could be stuffed) accompanied with a lovely local Pinot Noir. Pictures to come!

This is the best stage….it looks just like a butchers which most people are at least used to. But knowing where your meat comes from and what is need to get that to your plate isa lesson all us meat eaters should learn. It’s a privilege to eat meat.