Not that I need to explain myself to anyone but here goes.

Last year my project was to find an old bike pull it to pieces and rebuilt it into one of those hipster single speed bikes. I’ve done that but I don’t ride it. I prefer to walk. And to add salt into the wound I came out of my hipster ‘spell’ after we finished up making our last issue of Thaw magazine and I just don’t care for it…too many people have the hipster fever and I want to distance myself from it. Hey at least I’m honest with myself! So the bike has just sat there all winter, it’s just been too bitterly cold to ride to work so I end up walking, and thus it’s been unloved for most of it’s second coming.

Now it’s for sale. A 12 gauge shotgun is more useful, especially come duck season. It’s far too difficult trying to hunt duck on a single speed on a cold Lake in March anyway.

In any case I’ve changed my mind as to what I see as necessary in my life. Although it almost brought an end to my marriage. Two guns in a house full of bills. But hey, sometimes you’ve gotta do something even if it’s wrong.

I’m getting a Spanish made Lanber over and under. Wild duck is smashing and a very special treat.